Kinky,Curly & Proud!

Sugar Puffs is made specifically for children so they can feel Beautiful and Empowered through representation. 

 Embrace your gorgeous natural hair-Made with essential oils-and feel proud. specially developed for low porosity curls and 4C hair.

Formulated explicitly for Children with Curls Prone to Dryness.

Sugar Puffs is a line of hair care products for children with tight, curly hair. Our goal is to make sure that every hair gets the care and attention it needs. By avoiding all parabens and sulphates, we try to keep your child's curls moisturized and silky without endangering their health. Additionally, all of our products were created with science-backed beauty for curly, afro-textured hair and are cruelty-free.

Because your children deserve to be self-assured. As parents, we realize how vital it is to ensure that the items your children come into contact with daily are of the highest possible standard, and we take pride in handcrafting all of our hair products with only the best components. We understand how difficult it may be to locate high-quality hair products for youngsters with highly textured and curly hair. Sugar Puffs was designed and developed specifically for our children.


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Sugar Puffs aims to create a loving community in which all children are finally able to love their kinky puffs. Our roadmap includes healthy hair workshops and tips for mothers and fathers, aunts or uncles, and anyone who is trying to learn more about how to best care for their beautiful children’s curls. With your child’s hair in mind, we make products that give them confidence to step out and shine.

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Our products aim to highlight the beauty of kinky hair. They’re infused with essential and organic oils to protect your child’s hair, improve curl patterns and promote HEALTHY STRANDS. Order today for healthy and moisturized hair to maintain your child's length.

Curls, Coils and Confidence

The relationship with hair and self confidence starts at a very young age.

Our goal is for our Children to have a healthy relationship with their tight curls, afros,and Kinky hair. Through healthy hair education and positive representation Sugar Puffs wants to eliminate those Wash Day Hair Traumas.

What our customer says

I tried this juicy hair oil to my little ones freshly washed hair and scalp. It smells really nice . My little one liked the smell of her hair. The oil added a nice sheen and softness without a greasy feeling. I can't wait to try the other products.

Donna C

Love this product on my daughters hair it's very moisturizing and brings her curls to life. This product has a very pleasant fragrance. Thanks for providing superb products and great customer service! !

Martin P.

I am enjoying my Sugar Puffs bundle of products ! The juicy drops have moisturized my scalp and hair , while smelling yummy as well! I couldn’t be more satisfied , Ana look forward to my next purchase !

Danielle R.

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