Love is in the Hair!

Children with tight curls, afros, or kinky hair are more likely to face challenges that other people may not understand when it comes to confidence. We want to change that.


Sugar Puffs is the brainchild of Nyashia Lacy who created products after her struggles trying to find products that could serve the needs of her two young girls' hair types. Motivated by love, she set out to create a brand that could serve all hair types – and one that would be fun for kids to use! We are kids hair care for the modern parent, and we’re here to show you that taking care of your kids’ hair can be easy AND fun!  


Sugar Puffs aims to create a loving community in which all children are finally able to love their kinky puffs. Our roadmap includes healthy hair workshops and tips for mothers and fathers, aunts or uncles, and anyone who is trying to learn more about how to best care for their beautiful children’s curls.



We Use Science To Build Black Confidence

Customers familiar with healthy hair care will recognize the Liquid-Oil-Cream approach of our products: by beginning with a leave-in conditioner, applying natural oils, and then using a curl enhancing cream, your child’s hair benefits from a comprehensive and proven treatment that will moisturize, maintain, and protect it on the playground, at school, and at home.


Most importantly, Sugar Puffs products are designed with childlike wonder in mind first and foremost: every product in our line is branded and scented to get children excited about hair care in order to foster a healthy relationship with their hair and its maintenance from a young age.