They Promise Sugar Puffs Delivers

They Promise- Sugar Puffs Delivers

Pretty Butter Shine Glaze

This product will give your child’s hair a natural sheen. And, you only need a small amount to achieve a long-lasting glossiness and control.

Key ingredients are:

  • Shea butter and coconut oil to achieve a natural shine
  • Organic fruit oil to retain natural hair moisture
  • Castor seed oil for extra smoothness

Sugar Puff’s Leave-In Detangler Mist

Features include:

Marshmallow root and Slippery Elm for maximum slip

  • Aloe vera juice softens the hair as well as moisturizes.
  • Olive and Soybean oils for detangling
  • Zero synthetics

Cotton Candy Curl Cream

Why use a curl cream when you already have natural curls? Well, natural curls are hard to

maintain without an extra boost. And, our cream is all the boost your child’s curls need.

Key components are:

  • Black castor and flaxseed oils to define curls
  • Vitamins A and E to increase smoothness
  • Peppermint oil to increase kinky curl volume

Join Us As We Redefine Hair Beauty Standards

Our products aim to highlight the beauty of kinky hair. They’re infused with essential and organic oils to protect your child’s hair, restore curl pattern and promotes growth.

Order today for healthy, smooth, and curly hair.